Knotted Release

Providing a Customized Blend of Relaxation to Therapeutic Massage.

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Relaxation - $85 / hr

Using more gentle pressure focusing on decreasing tension and giving a sense of full body wellness.

Treatment Massage - $85 / hr

Customized massage oriented around pain relieving goals using techniques such as Structural Relief Therapy, deep tissue, stretching, and Neuromuscular Release.

Fascial Massage - $85 / hr

Focusing on untangling the muscle and nerve wrappings for optimal movement quality.

Pregnancy Massage - $85 / hr

With the use of body cushions, moms-to-be can be in any position comfortably again while getting much needed self care.

Cupping - $130 / 90 min

Using negative pressure to lift tissue, decreasing fascial restrictions while stimulating local circulation and lymphatic movement.

Facial Cupping - $30 / 15 minutes

Using smaller cups designed specifically for the delicate tissues of the face, this technique draws out impurities in the skin while decreasing appearance of wrinkles.

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Location & Contact

5101 25th Ave NE
Suite 19
Seattle, WA 98105


You can find the parking garage behind the building. Turn on Blakely at the south end of the building where Mama Melina's Restaurant is located. Follow the signs to the retail parking and take the retail elevator up to 2. Turn left to face the street and we are in the first business on the left.

About Me

After getting into a car accident in 2007, I used massage therapy instead of traditional treatments and recovered very quickly, leading me to start my training at Cortiva Institute of Massage that same year. While practicing for eight years I've come to specialize in Cupping therapy, neurofascial techniques, and Structural Relief Therapy, all to decrease pain and tension, and increase functional motion, creating a sense of well being.

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